Top Notes: Woody, oud

Middle Notes: Warm, spicy, aromatic

Base Notes: Patchouli

 This high quality Bakhoor carries the genuine scent of the Hajr al Aswad stone in Makkah. With a sensual yet oriental scent to it, this bakhoor takes you back to the beautiful haram in Makkah. It has a long lasting aroma that leaves you soaked in nostalgia. Perfect for spiritual and religious gatherings, this bakhoor is made with original Oud Al Aswad that smells exactly like the sacred Hajr e Aswad. Its sweet, honey-like, strong and deep scent leaves you in awe. The top notes are made of woody oud, middle notes are warm and spicy while the base notes are floral scent of Patchouli. This beautiful scent symbolizes the magnificence of the holy sight leaving you surrounded with a calm and soothing environment perfect for meditation and religious gatherings. The jar of this bakhoor has approximately 75 gm in it. It can be burnt on all types of burners.


Usage: It can be burnt on all types of burners.

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