About Us





Our journey began in 2017 , with a team of qualified professionals  having experience of 25 years , using experience we have developed  a unique collection of Arabic fragrances that takes you closer to your roots giving you a rare experience.

Our collection comprises of various Arabic and French perfumes inspired by pre loved fragrances leaving a lasting impression , hence the name " FAWWAHA" which in Arabic means ‘ A scent that spreads’  our name is the depiction of quality we offer .

Our diversity in the products we offer aims to provide one of a kind perfume experience that make you stand out. Our range we give you the perfect combination of the charm of the east packed in uniquely designed bottles.

We promise to provide a hassle free experience and our return policy ensures that our customers do not regret shopping with us.

We plan on staying close to you and helping you appreciate the greatness of sense of smell. For this reason we have a collection of home fragrances. With our help you can give your house its signature fragrance, and whenever you smell bakhoor ,aseel , or oud incense you will feel at home.

We continue to strive to make your favorite fragrances more personalized to give you an extraordinary experience through just a sniff of the nose.