Fawwaha Experience Center

Plot # 126-C, second floor, liberty chowk, Tariq Road, near Ideas building

Mon - Sat: 09 am - 06 pm

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Our story starts in 2017, when a team of experienced professionals with 25 years of expertise came together. Drawing from this wealth of knowledge, we've crafted a special line of fragrances that reconnect you with your heritage, offering a truly unique experience.

Our selection features a blend of Arabic and French scents, inspired by beloved fragrances that leave a lasting mark. That's why we're called "FAWWAHA," which means 'A scent that spreads' in Arabic – a name that reflects the quality we stand for.

We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of products to ensure you find the perfect scent that sets you apart. Each perfume is a fusion of eastern charm packaged in beautifully designed bottles.

Our commitment to hassle-free shopping is backed by our return policy, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase.

We're here to enhance your appreciation for the sense of smell, which is why we also offer home fragrances. Let us help you give your home its own signature scent, so whenever you catch a whiff of bakhoor, aseel, or oud incense, you feel right at home.

We're dedicated to making your favorite fragrances more personal, creating an extraordinary experience with just a single sniff.