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Bakhoor Burners


      Elevate Your Space with Bakhoor Burners:

      Explore the world of Bakhoor with our perfect burners, blending tradition and modernity. Discover the convenience of Electric Burners, the smart features of Smart Burners, and the timeless allure of Oud Burners. Dive into the details of each type and find their prices in Pakistan below.

      Electric Burner:

      • No flames or charcoal; plug in and enjoy the fragrance effortlessly.
      • Perfect for those seeking a hassle-free Bakhoor experience.
      • Consistent fragrance release for a warm and inviting ambiance.
      • Modern and elegant designs seamlessly blend with any decor.
      • Elevate your space with experience and rich Bakhoor Scents.

      Portable Burner:

      Portable Barrel burner – a chic fragrance accessory for on-the-go luxury. With rechargeable convenience, it ensures uninterrupted scent enjoyment wherever life takes you. This stylish and compact burner makes for an ideal gift, adding a touch of luxury to any occasion. Elevate your daily routine with a fashionable and versatile fragrance experience, showcasing your trendy taste in both style and scent.

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