BAKHOOR-AL-KAABA (Powder form)

Bakhoor al Kaaba is one of the most demanding Bakhoors having a decent, sweet and long lasting fragrance. This fills your surroundings with an aroma that refreshes your mind and soul, and gives you a soothing effect when you apply it on your clothes or hair. The fragrance of this Bakhoor gives you a feel to be around the Holy Kaaba and reminisce its memories. This Bakhoor is found to be in a powdered form and one jar of it contains approximately 50-55 gm.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Farooq Abbasi
Brings a new charm to my home

Love the fragrance they offer, i bought 4 different bakhoors, and each and every is different and lovely

Attiq-ur- Rehman.

Fragrance was good but not long lasting.
After 1 hour it seam that no Bakhoor was burnt.
I need long lasting Fragrance of Bakhoor.
Please advise if you have such any one.

Usman B.

Its a good experience

It's all about experience :)
Thanks for your review Usman!

Maha N.

I like the product also this oud smells nice and has long lasting fragrance when you burn it.

Ghulam Murtaza Sakarwala

Fragrance on Mark
I like this fragrance, it recalls the memories of Haramain sharifain, as i was also hunting this bakhoor. So I’m crazy for it.

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