Moattar Oud Aswad

Top Notes: Amber, sweet

Middle Notes: Woody, fresh, spicy

Base Notes: Floral, aldehydic

The Moattar Oud Al Aswad(wooden chips form of oud )by Fawwaha Fragrances is a nostalgic fragrance that belongs to the black stone of the Holy Kaaba. It is the initial fragrance of the Hajr e Aswad which is exceptionally sweet, strong and deep. This enchanting sweet fragrance could be a wonderful mix of sugary, sweet amber as top notes with earthy, fresh and spicy notes as heart notes with base notes of floral, aldehydic that imply the sacred stone inside and out. It has an intriguing wistful smell that will stir your soul and lift your spirits. Its rich and aromatic scent will take you back to Makkah. Flawlessly appropriate for every day use and for religious get-togethers to illuminate your mood.It can be burnt on all types of burners.


Usage: It can be burnt on all types of burners.

Made in Saudia Arabia  (KSA)🇸🇦

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